Whai Pearl

So, it is that time of the year again. If you ask a BPHCian for one thing that they would like to think of as a significant part of their college experience, with possible exceptions of a handful, Pearl is what you’d be hearing the person reminiscing. And quite rightly so. If I take the liberty of being frank, BPHC has yet a great deal to evolve to reach the academic excellence that one would expect an institute of national importance (like the IITs) to have. Yet what renders this campus its uniqueness and a distinctness in the way it is perceived by the college circuits across India is what has been built by its students through the years in form of the cultural fest, Pearl.

Personally, I don’t enjoy extravagance. Less, the kind of which a college cultural fest tends to include as a major part of what it portrays itself as. Yet, when I heard in the Noobman Year that there is going to be a cultural fest that students organize, an element of enthusiasm did take hold of my mind. You look forward to it for the sake of unveiling the enigma that its narratives entail. The pronites, the events, the outsiders, the joy of the experience itself and the rest of it. But what I gravitated to the most was the opportunity to learn managing work and, more importantly, people.

I am that person whose personal opinion is inclined more towards the proposition that, as much as it is known for the challenges it offers us in understanding it, Science is less vague in its language in comparison with those fields of study that involve understanding the cause and consequence of Human Action. Which is why ‘knowing’ in Humanities is not always accumulating facts. Rather, it is that process of gaining insight of the nature of things in an epistemological way.

Any amount of management and self-help books you might have read and reread don’t do well even to the extent of a small fraction of what personal experience would give you as learning. Be it POM, Strategic Management, Marketing etc., nothing succeeds like a piece of work where you actually coordinate and interact with people. And what better opportunity is there for an average college student than being part of and organizing college fest?

Pearl would be a significant, if not major, part of what I see my college life as consisting of. It didn’t offer me what I wanted. And I didn’t expect it to. But it offered me what I need. Whether it is organizing events, or helping with the online publicity in bits and pieces, or coordinating with others in organizing events for a club, or little things here and there, it gave me a glance of that skill that I might find great use of, hearing out people and getting work done. For me, it wasn’t about Vishal-Shekar or Xandria or Farhaan Akhtar (never been to any pronite). It’s always about celebrating the hard work that goes into hosting those hundreds of students who come to the fest and making them feel that their experience of the fest is worth the time and money they have spent in attending it. Pearl is one manifestation of who we are and what defines us a BPHCians. Yet another episode begins in 10 days.

#Pearl Memories


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